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We power human intution with machine intelligence, enabling them to work in a smarter way

A Vision is what started everything in the Maram way. A thought is all that Maram Dilip Kumar had and with his ultimate passion made Maram Software Solutions a reality. Maram Software Pvt. Ltd is made with a vision and goal which is a constant Endeavour to give a powerful impact to the IT Industry. Maram has catered to more than 500 valued business establishments.


Core Values

Core Values @ MARAM holds the foundation of our work ethics and business conduct. This is our mission statement and makes MARAM Soft as one of the leading App Development Company in India with great customer satisfaction.


Vision @ Maram

We at Maram believe to dream the Impossible and strive towards achieving it.

Aiming at effectual implementation further more with incessant up-gradation emblazoning obstinate demeanor” is the MARAM VISION


Innovation at it’s the best along with tailor made services is the theme of evolution at Maram Software Pvt. Ltd. “Concept to Completion” is the motive and with the strengths of our In-House analysis and solution architects, technical expertise, functional studies, and high executional powers, the solutions are delivered.

Almost two decades of domain experience along with the zeal to accelerate the quality and capacity of client’s activity help us create our Business Solutions. Maram’s concept is that we create solutions to make sure that our client’s team spends only quality time at the work place. That’s exactly why we design software packages depending upon the needs of your business.

This is the ideology that has driven Maram software towards a finely carved path, which lead us to success


Maram’s involve to evolve.

Your need is our moto and our team makes every possible effort which is designed to achieve it.

The customized business solutions at Maram soft are tested solutions with a very high end team working on it with all the research and development involved.

A perfect involvement to the idea is what makes the Maram’s get you the perfect business solutions.

Our support system is extensive and spread across the country with the operations from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai Branches and looking ahead for expansions


The best @ Maram is offered for a long lasting customer bonding. We value our client relations and follow all the ethical practices to maintain it. A dedicated team categorized through various departments at Maram like Development, Testing, Support, Marketing, Administration, etc are always attentive to effectuate the Client needs. Client’s satisfaction and assured deliveries created the remarkable impression and referential business as large revenue source. The Best technologies are exploited to in implement the mechanism of organizing Multiple Branches, Alerts, Schedules, etc through SMS and E-mails.

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